Revised Employer


Jobconnect is a member of NHO Service and we are approved as an Audited Employer (Revidert Arbeidsgiver). This means that we are subject to an external audit which confirms that we document and comply with key principles in the Working Environment Act and act as a serious and professional employer towards our candidates and customers.

This is how RE works

Revised Employer applies to companies that hire out personnel based on the Working Environment Act §14-12. In order to be Audited Employer, the staffing company must be a member of NHO Service og Handel, be registered with the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and be organized as a Norwegian limited company. 

External auditors carry out regular audits of the staffing company's obligations as an employer under the Working Environment Act. The company's routines are reviewed and random tests are carried out on selected areas that are independent of the auditee's preferences. The deviations that may be found will have to be corrected within a deadline for the company to be able to retain its status as Audited Employer. The audit is carried out by a company or a professional who is subject to a professional duty of confidentiality and has sufficient competence to carry out the inspection. The auditor must be trusted by NHO Service and Trade. 

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